A Genuine leather you can trust 

Dias Leather is a local brand from Semarang, Central Java, which was established in 2001. All products are made using the highest quality Cowhide and Sheep/Goatskin materials, which are made with skilled hands by experienced local craftsmen. Dias Genuine Leather products are processed through thoroughness and tested for good and neat quality to be able to compete with brands circulating in the domestic and foreign markets.

Dias Leather has expanded its sales in various places. Such as at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang, the Yogyakarta Airport, and the Old City Gallery in Semarang.

Produk – produk premium dari Dias Genuine leather.Ada Jaket Kulit,dompet,ikat pinggang,Tas Dll..

Tas Kerja Wanita/Pria Kulit 

Dompet Kulit Wanita “Anindyaswari-5004”

Dompet Wanita Kulit yang di desain simple tetapi mewah. Dengan menghadirkan beberapa slot kartu dan tempat uang yang cukup. Kami menggunakan material kulit sapi yang bermotif buaya dan berkualitas premium. 
Women’s Leather Wallet that is designed simple but luxurious. By presenting several card slots and enough money places. We use premium quality crocodile-patterned cow leather.

Clutch/Handbag/Slingbag Wanita Kulit dengan desain yang elegan dan mewah. Dengan kualitas kulit premium dan lembut. Dan kami menghadirkan desain khusus untuk memuat barang dan perangkat Anda.
Leather Clutch/Handbag/Sling Bag with an elegant and luxurious design. With premium quality and soft leather. And we deliver custom designs to fit your goods and devices.

What our clients say

“Satisfied with buying at the Dias Leather store. The quality of the leather is so incredible. And the seller is super friendly. I highly recommend it.”

Salsabilla N.F.

“Quench shopping here. The quality is excellent the price is also worth it. You are guaranteed not to regret it. Five stars for this shop 👍🏻

Anandita Aqiila.S.

“The quality and the price are guaranteed. The bag is suitable for traveling, school, college, or work. Can request the shape of the bag or others as desired”

Stefany Helen.K.

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